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Medicare- A Federal program for insurance coverage. Participants include individuals 65 and over and people with certain disabilities. Coverage is for Hospital Stays and Medical Services. Prescriptions are not included and must be gotten through private insurance carriers.
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Medicare Advantage Plans Available Through Your Deer Park Medicare Broker

Medicare Part C helps cover Medicare cost share of Hospital A, Medical B and moist include coverage for Prescription Drug D. They also offer additional benefits not covered by Medicare like Dental and Vision Plans and some offer a Free Gym Membership.

Your Deer Park Medicare Broker Has Supplement Plans

Ask your Medicare Broker about Medigap Plans. They are a good alternative to lower or eliminate Medicare cost shares and have the flexibility of coverage with any Doctor or Hospital that accepts Medicare. No networks.

Can My Deer Park Medicare Broker Take Care of A Part D Drug Plan?

Yes! He will have access to multiple Rx Plans in your area and help you choose the most appropriate one for your individual needs.

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Why? because he has access to the plans in your area and does not work for the insurance carriers, he works for you.

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