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Medicare is a Federal Program for individuals 65 or over and individuals with certain disabilities. The Coverage is for inpatient Hospital Stays (Part A) and Medical Coverage (Part B). Prescription Medications are not covered but can be through private insurance.

Your Babylon Broker Offers Medicare Advantage Plans

Also known as Medicare Part C, these wrap around plans offer help paying Original Medicare cost sharing. They also offer additional benefits like Dental and Vision Benefits as well as a Free Gym Membership.

Ask Your Babylon Broker About Medigap Plans

A good alternative for individuals looking to eliminate Medicare cost sharing and be able to access any Doctor or Hospital that accepts Medicare without worrying about networks.

Part D Plan Choices With Your Babylon Broker

Your Babylon Broker has access to the available Part D Prescription Rx plans in your area. Choosing the most appropriate plan is important in keeping the cost of Medications to a minimum.

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