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Individuals 65 and over and people with certain disabilities qualify for Medicare. Medicare covers Hospital Stays and Skilled Nursing following a Hospital Stay under Part A and Medical Services under Part B. Medicare does not cover Prescription Medications. Individuals will have to secure a Part D Rx Plan through a private carrier.

Your Great River Medicare Broker Offers Medicare Part C

Your Great River Broker has access to Medicare Advantage Plans in your area. Medicare Advantage provides coverage for Hospital A, Medical B and some include Rx Part D. Some also include services Medicare does not cover like Dental, Vision and some plans have Free Gym Memberships.

Ask Your Great River Medicare Broker About Medicare Supplement(Medigap) Plans

Supplements give you the flexibility of going to any Doctor or Hospital in any state that accepts Medicare making them ideal for folks that like to travel. Choose this type of plan to lower or eliminate Medicare Cost Sharing.

Let Your Great River Medicare Broker Help With Your Part D Rx Plan

Choosing the appropriate Part D Prescription Rx Plan can be tricky. Deductibles, copays, tiers and coinsurance all play a role in your monthly costs. Your Great River Medicare Broker can help you decide the best course of action for your individual needs.

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Why? Because he is really an Advisor. He does not work for the Insurance Carriers, he works for you and is vested in the best possible outcome.

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