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Apr 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Medicare Dual Plans are Special Needs Plans specifically for individuals that have both Medicare and Medicaid. Remember, Medicare is a Federal program where as Medicaid is a State program administered at the State level and called by different names depending upon the State. Dual Plans generally enhance Medicaid benefits by adding things like-
Over-The- Counter– Benefits– The beneficiary receives an allowance paid monthly/quarterly for over the counter items at the pharmacy.
Enhanced Dental Benefits
Enhanced Transportation options
And, Depending upon the Level of Medicaid
$0 Copays at the Doctor, in the Hospital and for tests
Plus, Reimbursement of your $164.90 Part B Premium.
Medicaid is picking up your Medicare cost share. But, here are some things to consider-
Not all doctors take Medicaid. Once on a plan you will have to use the doctors in that plans network.
Medicaid is Income based. That’s why when you see Broadway Joe on TV know that most people don’t qualify because they make too much money.

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