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What is Medicare Part A?

Mar 29, 2021 | 0 comments

Medicare Part A is the Hospital Coverage portion of “Original Medicare.”

Medicare Part A covers an “Admitted Hospital Stay.” Medicare will cover semi private rooms, drugs, nursing, meals and Hospital services associated with the stay. Medicare does not cover the cost a private room, TV or phone, private duty nursing and personal care items like tooth brushes and razor blades. Hospital Part A also covers time in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). The SNF will be available after an admitted Hospital Stay.

Skilled Nursing services include
Meals, Skilled Nursing Care, Semi Private Room, Physical, Speech, Occupational Therapy, Medications and Medical Supplies, Ambulance and Dietary Counseling.

Medicare Part A Costs-
Most individuals when nearing retirement age have worked more than 10 years, or 40 Quarters in Government Speak and will not have to pay monthly for Hospital Part A, it will be Free. It’s important because any time worked that adds up to less than 40 Quarters will result in a monthly premium and you’ll have to pay for your Part A Hospital coverage. For example in 2023-
-If you worked between 30 to 39 Quarters then your Part A premium will be $278.00 per month.
-If you worked 29 Quarters or less your Part A premium will be $506.00 per month.  

Hospital Part A offers coverage for an Inpatient Hospital stay and time spent in a Skilled Nursing Facility following an Inpatient Hospital stay. An Inpatient Hospital stay is broken down into 60 day benefit periods. If you have to return to the Hospital for the same condition within 60 days the cost share will not apply. The costs are as follows: 
Days 1- 60- Individuals will be responsible for a $1600 deductible.
Days 61- 90- $400.00  Per Day
Days 91- 150- $800.00 Per Day (Utilizing the 60 day Lifetime Allowance)
Days 151 and beyond- All Costs
Skilled Nursing Facility-
Following an Inpatient Hospital stay Medicare will cover 20 days. The costs are as follows:
Days 1- 20- $0 per day
Days 21- 100- $200  per day
​Days 101 and beyond- All costs

Summary– While Medicare does pay for a large part of an admitted hospital stay there is no provision to limit an individuals annual cost. Multiple Hospital stays can amount tho thousands of dollars and an appropriate Medicare Health Insurance plan should be put in place to control costs.

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