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Medicare Supplement Plans- Medigap

Apr 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Unlike Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans do not have a Doctor/Hospital network that you have to stay in. Medicare is still your primary therefore you can use any Doctor or Hospital that accepts Medicare in any State. The term “Medigap” refers to the Medicare Coverage Gap. For Example: Medicare will cover most of a Hospital stay, your cost share will be $1600.00. If Medicare picked up 100% there would be no gap. The $1600 is the gap, your Supplement will pay it and your Cost Share will be $00.00. That’s the good news, the bad news is that Supplement Plans have premiums where Medicare Advantage Plans, as a rule, do not. Also, Supplements only supplement Parts A and B and only pay when Medicare covers an event. Medicare does not cover Dental or Vision unless Medically necessary so the Supplement Plans do not have Dental and Vision options like Medicare Advantage. 

Medicare Supplement Plans are a Pre-pay. Your are paying upfront a monthly premium for very low or no cost sharing when you use your insurance. This will benefit someone with issues and using their insurance often. Medicare Advantage with a low or no premium is more of a pay as you go, which benefits individuals with low medical needs.
Talk to your Medicare Advisor about what might be the most appropriate plan for you.

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