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Part B Medications

Apr 22, 2021 | 0 comments

Part B covers Medications that you would not normally give to yourself or obtain from a local pharmacy. Examples of these include-

-Medications used with Durable Medical Equipment like Dialysis

-Chemotherapy Medications

-End Stage Renal Disease Medications

For a Full Listing please use the included link to Medicare.gov.


Mike Miligi- Owner- Michael M Insurance Services

For over 10 years Mike has been assisting Seniors and other Medicare eligible individuals understand the ins and outs of Medicare and Medicare Health Insurance options including Medicare Advantage Plans(Part C), Medicare Supplement Plans(Medigap), Prescription Drug Plans(PartD) and Dental and Vision programs.

Mike is Licensed in 7 States and Certified with 11 Insurance Carriers and has helped thousands of individuals decide on the best course of action for their particular Health Insurance needs. Because Mike is an Independent Medicare Health Insurance Broker, he works for the client not the Insurance Carriers and is able to provide his clients with accurate and unbiased Health Insurance options.

Mike recertifies with CMS(The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) annually, regularly completes Continuing Education Courses required by individual State Insurance Departments and keeps abreast of industry trends and standards to offer his clients the most up to date information available.


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