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State Pharma Assistance Programs

Apr 25, 2021 | 0 comments

Some states provide assistance for expensive Medications. An example of this is E.P.I.C the New York State Medication assistance program. It stands for Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage. On EPIC, your most expensive medication will be no ore than $25. The income limit for a married couple filing jointly is $100,000. Depending upon income, EPIC can either be paid with a small fee or for higher income individuals, a deductible that is paid for every time you go to the pharmacy to get your medications. For EPIC to help, the medication has to be covered by your Part D Rx plan. 

SEP– EPIC also creates a Special Enrollment Period that gives the individual the opportunity to change his/her insurance plan outside of an enrollment period.

Check with your state health insurance department on the availability of a Pharmaceutical Assistance program or ask your Medicare Advisor, he’ll be happy to check for you.

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